About Our Products

Our uniforms have been designed with a few things in mind:

Comfort, Durability, Quality & Value



Our natural uniforms have been designed to meet the needs of today’s medical professionals. We recognize that uniforms are worn just as much outside the workplace as they are inside. For this, we have constructed our uniforms out of materials that are made to keep the consumer cool and comfortable throughout the workday and on into the evening. We have extended critical size points on our uniforms for added comfort so that our customer can feel fresh and relaxed throughout the day. Our uniforms are so comfortable, that some of our customers rave about using them as pajamas!


When other manufacturers market their product as being durable; they don’t understand that someone actually has to wear the uniform all day. The problem is that these durable products are rough and stiff causing heat and discomfort. They claim that after multiple washes, the product will be softer, but why does the consumer have to do that. We thought, why not use the same durable material that they use, but pre-soften them for the consumer. That’s exactly what we did. We use the same material as they use, but we pre-wash and soften all of our fabrics so that the consumer doesn’t have to.


All our uniforms are of the highest premium quality 65% / 35% Poly Cotton material. Everything we import comes from China. We do not import from Middle East period. We have been in this business for a long time and through our experiences we know the best quality & workmanship comes from the far east. Our uniforms are not in any way thin see through material and our sizing is not on the smaller scale as we do not try to cut costs. We provide you quality and we stand by this 100% money back guarantee. Give us a try you will not be disappointed.


In today’s market, we realize that medical professionals cannot keep shelling out major cash for uniforms. Sure, there are budget scrubs out there selling for cheap but the problem is that they don’t last. The consumer ends up paying more for these scrubs due to the poor quality and workmanship. Our uniforms are exceptionally constructed using the latest sewing techniques. Since we are the direct source and move volume we are able to offer you the lowest prices.